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Basic TRICARE Information to Seek Counseling without Doctor’s Referral

Basic TRICARE Information to Seek Counseling without Doctor’s Referral


Basic TRICARE Information to Seek Counseling

without Doctor’s Referral


Serving the military is challenging occupation as they live a life fraught with fear for danger and injury away from their loved ones. It is, by no means, easier for their families who are left behind to meet and manage their own challenges. All these uncertainties, stress and loneliness make the military personnel and their families vulnerable to tremendous emotional strain. These are often resolved and prevented from becoming long-term disorders through professional counselling.  This is how TRICARE provides assistance essential to their mental/emotional wellbeing.


TRICARE Provides

The Department of Defense (DOD) implements TRICARE, a collective medical program for all active-duty military members, retired military personnel, active National Guard and Reserves, and the beneficiaries of these brave servicemen. TRICARE has an extensive network around the world to provide facilities and a variety of professional services to address the psychological/behavioral health needs of service members.

TRICARE provides the option for military personnel and their families to seek counseling services outside what the military community can provide. It is a fact that the military alone cannot respond adequately to the needs of the huge number of beneficiaries.


Supplementing the Military Health Care

A significant number of service men may feel reluctant to seek treatment from the military establishment for various reasons, including the fear to jeopardize their career and vulnerability. As a result, military personnel often seek the services of counselors separate from the military in their desire to maintain privacy and confidentiality. However, it can be a challenge to find a provider that accepts TRICARE and even more of a challenge to find someone who accepts Tricare Prime.

To make it easier for eligible TRICARE members, the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC) sponsored a move designed to supplement the current list of DoD providers. The move led to the inclusion of professional counselors among the league of Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW) and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFT) in the DoD list. The move gave the military personnel and their families an access to independent counselors in the TRICARE network. The best part of NBCC’s effort lies in the removal of the Doctor’s Referral prior to getting counseling. With this, TRICARE beneficiaries can now seek professional assistance without the additional burden of getting a Doctor’s Referral.


The TRICARE Health Program Coverage

Since the available health care services vary depending on beneficiary type, location, and professional intervention, it will be to your advantage to be well-informed about TRICARE policies. The importance of knowing the extent of TRICARE coverage for all the beneficiaries cannot be overemphasized.

Tricare Standard allows you to see many providers, but there is a deductible and copay pay required for treatment.  Providers must still be on a list with Tricare as an “Out of Network Provider”.

On the other hand, with TRICARE Prime, there’s no copay or deductible to pay the civilian provider. Dependent beneficiaries and retired service members may seek behavioral health care from a civilian provider who is “IN Network” without the need to obtain a doctor’s referral for a medically diagnosed and covered condition.  Few providers are available who IN Network are because of the long detailed process it takes to become a Tricare IN Network Provider.


True Courage and Strength

Coming forward to get help is a sign of courage and strength – the hallmark qualities of a real soldier. Doing so will not only encourage other military personnel to seek the help needed to heal the stigma of war, but you’re doing it for yourself and your loved ones. All of you had been through a lot and you deserve a happy, normal life together. The counselors independently contracted by Carolina Counseling Services — Sanford, NC can guarantee to help to make it happen.

The counselors of Carolina Counseling Services — Sanford, NC are TRICARE providers who serve either TRICARE Prime or TRICARE Standard policy holders. Make a call now to request an appointment.


There are no referrals required for dependents or retirees! Just call and make an appointment.

Tricare Prime: You have no copay or deductible, so there is no cost for you.

Tricare Select: You have a deductible that must be met each fiscal year. After you meet your deductible, you will be responsible for a $31 copay.

Tricare Prime Retired: You will be responsible for a $30 copay.

Tricare Select Retired: You have a deductible that must be met each fiscal year. After you meet your deductible, you will be responsible for a $41 copay.


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