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What to Expect on Your First visit to CCS in Sanford, NC

new-patients-other-offices-op-411x1024 What to Expect on Your First visit to CCS in Sanford, NC

The lure of positive thoughts and a happier life are great motivations. Your decision to address your emotional concerns with Carolina Counseling Services is a good one. Please note that the CCS staff and its contracted therapists will do everything possible to ensure that you’ll have a stress-free start.


A Homey Environ Awaits

There is no need to feel apprehensive on the first session. The office of the contracted therapist you are about to see will remind you of home – clean, warm and comforting. The general ambiance has been purposely created with your comfort and privacy in mind. Just come in, and sit back and relax. If you’ll come in early before your appointment time, you’ll experience the therapeutic effect of calmness, making it easy for you to trust your therapist and find resolutions to your concerns.


Before the First Session Starts

Coming in early will not only offer you some time to relax in the functional waiting area; you also get enough time to attend to the basic paperwork that your therapist needs done to better assist you. Simply fill out the form while waiting for your appointment time. It is important to bring an ID card and your insurance card.


Meet Your Therapist

At the stroke of the appointment time, your therapist will come out to invite you into the private office. You may hand over your ID and insurance cards for photocopying. This is also the right time to pay any deductibles/ copays/session fees to the therapist. (Once you make the appointment for the first session on the phone, you will get an instruction what IDs and the amount -if any- to bring). The payment is acknowledged with a receipt.


The First Session

The first session starts soon after these preliminaries have been accomplished. For the purpose of understanding your symptoms, and deciding how best the therapist can be of help, the session is generally spent on talking about your medical and family history as well as current concerns and what end result you are wanting from these sessions. Your shared information will be used by your therapist to make or establish a diagnosis and decide on an appropriate therapy to help resolve your concern and eliminate the symptoms.

By the end of this first session, you and your therapist independently contracted by Carolina Counseling Services – Sanford, NC will jointly decide if you are a perfect match for each other. If you both feel comfortable and your concern is within the therapist’s field of expertise, you can set the schedule for your next session. If, however, one of you feels that you are not a perfect fit or you can be better helped by another professional, you will be given a referral to another licensed therapist or professional.



Carolina Counseling Services stand by the philosophy of “Making life a little better – one client at a time.” Since finding the right fit is a critical element for you to make progress in your therapy, we give you the freedom to decide whether to stay on with your therapist or ask CCS to help you find another.

Similarly, if based on the evaluation results your therapist decides that you’ll benefit from the care and specialization of another professional, the necessary referral will be made, you will be informed and given the necessary information.

Hesitation can weigh you down. Do something good for yourself today. Call Carolina Counseling Services – Sanford, NC for an appointment. Nothing in this life is so insurmountable with the right therapist to help you. We are happy to help make that happen for you!


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  • Appointment scheduling for NEW clients: Mon-Fri 8:30am-5pm
  • Established/Standing Appointments are made directly with your therapist!
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