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Carolina Counseling Services- Sanford, NC

Carolina Counseling Services – Sanford, NC

Accepted Insurances: BCBS

304 N Horner Blvd
Sanford, NC
Business Office Hours:
Monday – Friday
8:30 am – 5 pm
Call: (919) 897-5111 anytime!
Please leave a message if you call outside normal business hours.

If emotional issues are causing your quality of life to deteriorate, contact Carolina Counseling Services (CCS) – Sanford, NC.


How can Carolina Counseling help you?

Carolina Counseling Services is based in North Carolina. Its main office is at 1310 Raeford Rd #2, Fayetteville, NC. The Carolina Counseling Services office in Sanford can be found at 304 N. Horner Blvd., Sanford, NC, 27330. CCS contracts with independent counselors and therapists who are experienced, trained, and licensed in various fields of counseling and therapy. With their help, you can feel better, empower yourself, and not have to feel hopeless or helpless again.

Our mission is simple: “To contract with licensed therapists/psychologists who are client centered/focused, who are caring, friendly, and helpful, and who are able and willing to help you resolve your/your family’s issues. We care about ensuring that those who need assistance get it from those who are best qualified to give it. It is our pleasure to assist you in finding the right fit.”


Do you have emotional issues?

If you are constantly feeling sad, hopeless, and uninterested in people and things that used to take center stage in your life, you could be depressed.

If you are often gripped by incapacitating worry, fear, or panic, even when there is no reason to feel that way, you could be suffering from an anxiety disorder.

If you are experiencing shifting moods so that you have difficulty focusing on your everyday activities, you could have a mood disorder.

If these feelings are wreaking havoc on your health, relationships, and life, you need your symptoms assessed and diagnosed by a mental health professional. If you have an emotional condition, you need psychological help. An emotional condition has to be treated for its symptoms to dissipate.


Do you feel overwhelmed?

Grief, guilt, trauma, low self-esteem, or other intense emotions can zap your energy and focus, so that you can’t move on or focus on your life goals.

A life transition can make you feel overwhelmed, pressured, and confused, which can make it harder to adjust or accept the change.

Losing someone/something extremely valuable in your life, multiple changes happening all at once, and past traumatic events can disable your natural ability to process the experiences and adjust to your changed life. Counseling can help you understand past and present events, work through your experience, and explore your options. A counselor can assist you to see the positive side of the challenges and the change.


How are your relationships?

Is your relationship with your spouse/partner on the rocks? If the quality of your communication is poor, it can create more conflicts than it resolves.

How’s your relationship with your children? If you have a teen or a younger child who is exhibiting behaviors you can’t understand, don’t you wish you could read their actions to help them better?

If you wish to be an empowered parent and raise emotionally healthy children who can survive their development and life challenges with confidence and resilience, then counseling is for you.

Healthy relationships can invigorate you, in the same way that sour relationships can drain your energy and make you lose your zest for life or school/work. Marriage counseling or couples counseling can improve your communication with your partner and provide a neutral venue to sort out and resolve your issues. Counseling can help teens and children understand their challenges and responses better, so they can better manage them.


How’s your family?

A home that is too silent or noisy is not a healthy sign. Silence may indicate that communication has failed and your home is pervaded by conflicts and misunderstandings. Embittered arguments can create noise.

Are there issues among members of your family? If your family is in the midst of a challenging situation or experiencing painful dynamics because of a loss, a life transition, financial trouble, addiction, a chronic medical problem, etc., you can benefit from family counseling.

Family counseling can provide the support you need to address your concerns as a family. Counselors can help families work together as a unit to strengthen relationships, improve communication styles, and resolve issues.


Do you wish your life was better?

Is it important for you to improve your control over your life? Do you want to keep your life as uncomplicated as possible?

Counseling and therapy are not only for people with emotional conditions or relationship concerns. CCS is also the go-to provider when you wish to be proactive in improving your life. Many major life concerns can be avoided if you work to prevent disrupting your emotional health and relationships.


Is a loved one suffering from an emotional condition or issue?

Do you have a child or other family member who is experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, or another emotional condition, or having difficulty managing an emotional issue?

They may need help too. Carolina Counseling Services, through the independent therapists it contracts, can assist your loved ones to improve their lives and feel better.


Are you eager to feel better? Do you (or a loved one) want to have an enjoyable and productive life? It only takes a call/text/email to contact a professional who can assist you in restoring your life.

GET IN TOUCH with Carolina Counseling Services – Sanford, NC.

The right contracted therapist is waiting for your call, so you can start working together toward your goal. Reach out and contact us. Call us (919-897-5111); text us (910-308-3291); or send us an email:

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Carolina Counseling Services - Sanford, NC
304 N Horner Boulevard
Sanford, NC 27330